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The cold and the hard-hitting facts about pollution and its adverse effects are no longer a secret, known only to an erudite few. We all know that industrialization and man’s quest for more luxuries have started a downward spiraling impact on the Blue Planet. And it’s time that we act! How? By consciously choosing to use eco-friendly products.

Our Earth is extraordinarily special in every which way. Ensuring that its biosphere is healthy and safe for our progeny is the responsibility of each individual, and it’s time we rise up to the occasion. By going in for an eco-friendly product in our daily lives, we can resuscitate the planet optimally. 

At Art Story, being an eco-friendly enterprise, being kind to nature is an integral part of our existence and evolution. That is why we look for ways to inculcate eco-friendliness as a part and parcel of our company culture. We have committed to giving back to nature and fostering a considerate community in our surroundings. This is why we have created a separate section for Eco-friendly decor products.

For our esteemed customers, we have an extensive range of eye-catching eco-friendly products, be it our dramatic eco-friendly wall décor pieces, our sustainably-made earthly baskets and boxes, trays, and more. Our choicest eco-friendly decor products like candle stands, vases, and more are all about celebrating beauty and kindness towards nature.

The best part is that all our eco-friendly products are aesthetically pleasing with tranquil designs, best suited to groom your home décor as well as gift them as presents to friends and family. 

Eco-friendly Decor Products for Your Home & Gifting Purposes

Most of our products are deep-rooted in the eco-friendly ethos. You’ll find this concept resonating, as you shop in our specially-curated Eco-friendly Product section.

Here, we have an assorted array of eco-friendly décor products made from bamboo, jute, rattan, terracotta, Paper Mache, etc. In gratitude, this is one of our most popular sessions. Because everyone wants to make a difference; even if it appears minuscule and insignificant, we all believe - it counts. 

Choices of Eco-Friendly Products 

These are classical statement pieces from our decor eco-friendly product line. With a rustic feel wherever placed, these items with a natural essence come with elegance and an unsophisticated demeanor. 

Hand-painted jars are a pivotal part of the Art Story eco-friendly product collection.  These are masterpieces created by rural artisans from India. Whether it is the portrayal of the unique architectural layout of Santorini or celebrating the daily joys of life, our master craftsmen have hand-painted the realistic scenes flawlessly.  These eco-friendly decor products are excellent as gifts for people you love.  

These home decor eco-friendly products stand tall and proud as tablescape decorative items or as gifting choices. All these pieces have been painstakingly painted by our skilled artists with some of these taking on an average of about four hours to complete one piece. 

Our terracotta collection from the eco-friendly decor product line serves as planters, vases, or simple stand-alone showpieces adorning your place. 

We have exclusive bamboo planters for your home rendering a countryside feel to the place. The natural finish of these eco-friendly products makes them elegant choices for all rooms. 

Vividly colored with floral hand-painted designs, we bring traditional Kashmiri craftwork to your homes. Buy from our Eco-Friendly Product section - there are choices galore.   

Come, let’s pledge to do our best to save the Earth and its valuable resources. Buy eco-friendly products from Art Story to do your part! Use these eco-friendly decor products to do up your personal space and gift them to special people on special occasions!