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Candles, undoubtedly are one of the most eloquent creations of mankind. These calming entities can turn any corner into an interesting space, adding softness to the atmosphere; complementing the décor and colors inside. Their grace and charm double when placed on elegant and deluxe candle stands

As the perfect maid of honor, a candle stand is the backbone of the lovely ambience created by candles. Be it a romantic setting, an illumination for positive vibes, or one of relaxation and rejuvenation, sophisticated candle holders can enhance the overall décor and mood of the place.  

Candle stands from Art Story 

Art Story brings a gorgeous range of one of the finest collections of candle holders for your home and as the choicest gifting options. Here's where you get exotic pieces with wooden, metallic, and marble finishing. The design and the presentation thereof speak volumes about the kind of detail that has gone into making every single candle stand

These candle stands to bear testimony to intricate and brilliant workmanship. This is the reason why you will not find a cluttered range here at Artstory. We believe in class; so be it the material, color, theme, or layout, there’s a panache end-to-end. 

Let’s take a look: 

Metallic Finish 

You’ll love the chic work of artistry that is intensified when illuminated candles are placed on the holders. The shiny essence of the candle stands testifies to the intricate design and top-notch finishing.

Golden Finish 

Simple yet stylish candle stands that have the power to jazz up any place, any corner with their impeccable beauty. 

Wooden Finish 

We have some of the best-in-class wooden pillar candles stands for your home. A few of them have been vividly hand-painted, looking gorgeous when used solo or in pairs. Their poise, finesse, and charm elevate the aesthetic beauty unparalleled. You can’t stop appreciating the choice of colors, and the skill of the craftsmen.  

Marble Finish 

Elegant pure white beauties, which blend stunningly with the outer metallic cylindrical holders. Inspirational and cute addition to your home décor.  The boxes are good storage points for small daily-use items. 


Time stands still with the timelessness of our creatively-made lanterns which are unique attractions in our candle stands collection. 

With fascinating dark colors that contrast so unassumingly with any background or shiny borders, they help create and enhance the decor of any space in your home. Iron-made, powder-coated black finishing and glass lanterns are modish pieces with strikingly impressive looks. The designs of some of these lovable pieces are influenced by various cultures from around the world. As standalone pieces or as an integral part of a decor theme, the lanterns manifest flawless sophistication all through.

For connoisseurs of the finest decor items, our candle stands are the ultimate addition to their homes. With beautiful curves, you can’t stop appreciating the stylish vibes and the natural shine of these items that make them true debonair pieces for the home. Consider them for gifting too; filling every place with their gracious charm and top-class make.