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Modern Christmas table setting ideas


When Christmas is around the corner, you have a lot to do. Decorating the house can be pretty daunting. To top it off, sprucing up a small space for Christmas  is even more challenging. Amidst all this, you need to take care that every nook and corner of the house is done up well, synchronized with the X-mas theme.
The dining table holds a place of great importance in the setup. It is crucial to ensure that it has the best Christmas décor elements all around.
Here are some brilliant ideas to do up the table impressively this year and make it a picture-perfect backdrop for memories.

Idea No. # 1- Napkin Arrangement

Image Source :  Liz Lucie

An integral part of your Christmas table is the napkins. Go ahead and put your imagination to the test by trying to get some patterns with the 20-inches napkins. Some X-mas theme suggestions include – a Christmas tree decorated with miniature baubles and ornaments , or a star with eight points. Use green-colored napkins for the former and red for the latter. All of these can be achieved well with standard table napkins.

Idea No. # 2 - Festive Napkin Rings

Napkin Ring

To top the Christmas décor, use specially-made handcrafted napkin holder rings  with beads. This décor item lends an aesthetic appeal to your Christmas table. You can use star-shaped or any other shapes like cookie cutters to arrange the napkin holders on the plate. As a token, let your guests take the beaded ring holders or the cookie cutters home as a gift after the celebrations.

Idea No. # 3 - Use Miniatures

Christmas glass trees

Luckily, there are innumerable types of Christmas-themed miniatures available in the market. So, do not have to ponder a lot about what you need for your table. The evergreen trees have multiple variations – red glass trees, green glass trees , plastic trees, etc. The glass trees can be lit up with fairy lights, adding warmth and brightness to your table. You can use real leaves of fir, cedar, or pine too as small replicas and can be laid down along the borders of the table.
Similarly, use small artifacts or cut-outs of reindeer, sleighs, and Father Santa for that festive buzz across the table.

Idea No. # 4 - Candles & Lights

Christmas terracotta scented candles

How can Christmas be complete without ‘the smells like Christmas?’ Let the typical scents of cinnamon, orange, pine, rosemary and thyme, cloves, and spiced pumpkin create the picture-perfect holiday essence. Not just for brightening up your home the traditional way, candles are also one of the loveliest ways to keep the atmosphere warm and happy.
Go in for unique candlesticks this year for your table decoration. You can shop online for Christmas tree candles or pumpkin candles with lids. The specialty of these pieces is that they work as candles when the lids are removed and with the cover, they are miniature decorative items that can be placed on the dining table as themed pieces.

Idea No. # 5 - Use Christmas Houses to boost the theme

Cute Christmas houses are so much fun because they are so versatile and can be used in multiple ways. On your dinner table, you can recreate a snowy ski chalet scene. You can also place lit-up tealights and votives inside for a dramatic effect during dinner. Let the kids use their creativity and imagination to come up with something that’s unique and never tried before like a colorful village scenery. Help them add greenery with evergreen leaves and bottle brush trees to complete the décor.

Christmas Houses

Idea No. # 6- Natural Greens for the Table

Image Source : StoneGable

Put a vase or two filled with natural plants or a flower arrangement. You can go with pine or fir leaves for an impeccable green outlandish look. A floral display of Christmas roses, poinsettia, and ivy brings so much life and energy to the dining table.
If your taste is a bit on the rustic side, you can use wheat stalks, tie them up with a red ribbon and place them in glass vases. Surround the vase with almonds for an earthly feel.

Idea No. # 7 -Hang Traditional X-mas Ornaments from the Ceiling

The options are plenty. Try hanging a wreath chandelier with hooks looking down from the ceiling.

Image Source : goodhousekeeping

You can also hang trinkets and baubles in a mix of red, green, and white colors from the ceiling above. Use fishing lines or fairy lights for the ornaments to hang sturdily.

Image Source : goodhousekeeping

Idea No. # 8 -Tie mini-wreaths on the chairs

Image Source : shopltk


Want your guests to feel honored and blessed? For each chair, use mini-wreaths and tie them up with rustic ribbons. You can go with colorful ribbons too, especially red-colored ones. You can also attach name plates for each guest as a special décor for the wreaths.

Idea No. # 9 - Garland Runner

Replace the traditional table runner with a specially-created garland created with green leaves. You can handmake it or order online for one. Top it up with typical red and colorful baubles for the extra-festive Christmas feel.
You can also entwine the evergreen garland with cranberries, pomegranates, and beaded ornaments . Make it picture-perfect with brass candle stands all across.

Image Source : goodhousekeeping

Idea No. # 10 - Themed fancy plates

Image Source : Not On The High Street

You do not require fine China plates every time to entertain guests on Christmas Eve. This year, do it a bit differently. Shop for Christmas-themed plates that add a subtle tone to the overall décor of the table set-up.
Go a step further and adorn the plates with small colorful glass Christmas tree décor pieces. You get the option of candles-cum-décor items online. These can be small gifts for your guests too. Polish the décor with a woody centerpiece filled with candies, nuts, pine cones, citrus, cinnamon sticks, and more.


Christmas is a special time and there is every reason to celebrate it to your heart’s content. The table setting has an important role in making the dinner memorable and nostalgic. It is ideal to put on your creative cap and find the right balance between traditional pieces and contemporary choices. With a few days to go, this is the right time to start with your DIY preparations and shopping at online stores to get the table all set for the grand celebrations on time.