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How To Spruce Up a Small Space for Christmas?



The holiday season is around the corner. And what can be a better time than this to start sprucing up your space for Christmas and New Years’? If the idea excites you and yet you feel that your spirits are getting dampened by the limited space in your home, don’t lose hope.
A small space can be challenging when you wish to deck it up lavishly for the festivities. After all, every last centimetre counts. We'll give you some amazing tips to dramatically transform your living space even if the rooms are small – it just needs a bit of creativity, some seasonal décor pieces, and a lot of enthusiasm!
So, keep the spirits high, and let’s dive deep into the different ways to spruce up a small space for Christmas.

1. Christmas Wreath on Walls

Image Source: Pinterest

Space is less on the floor but your vertical space may still have enough unoccupied leeway for festive décor. Look for spaces that you usually do not use like the emptiness over the door or the windows. Or even your cabinets on the walls can be used meaningfully to showcase the X-mas spirit. To keep the walking space on the floor clutter-free, use these vertical spaces to hang the traditional Christmas wreaths. Hang mini wreaths from the kitchen cabinets, the bookcase handles, around the light fixtures, or any space in the perimeter of the room. Remember to wrap the Christmas lights for the ultimate mood lighting

2. Nipped Fresh Evergreen as an Alternative to the Christmas Tree

Image Source: Michaels.com
With less space on hand, you can plan to skip the full-size Christmas Tree this year. Instead buy an elegant terracotta pot, or eco-friendly bamboo baskets and take some freshly-cut snipping of an evergreen tree that is easily available in the market. Place the greens in vases and planters so that the branches overflow naturally. Adorn them with miniature festive ornaments. At the vase base, place the typical festive gifts for all to replicate the  traditional x-mas display.

3. More Natural Decors for Your Fixtures 

Image Source: Pinterest

Add a bit more exuberance to the décor with lively details like snowy pine cones to recreate the holiday spirit. When hung from fixtures on the ceiling, the height of the room inadvertently is accentuated. You can also DIY some artificial snowflakes using wooden craft beads, wires, and X-mas coloured striped yarn. To recreate the scene of a white Christmas evening, decorate your windows with white lights and leave them on for the night. Use fishing lines for hanging accents on your window panes. This helps remove visual clutter and adds cheer even to the tiniest of spaces! 

4. X-mas Table Decorations 

Image Source: Pufikhomes

If your space is too limited to bring in an 8-foot Christmas tree in your home, don’t stress. Buy a smaller tree, about 3 feet tall, and place it on the table. Real or fake, all will do! Decorate the table tree with traditional ornaments and light it up to become the centre of attraction. Pick unique pieces of décor items to add to the festive touch. The rainbow glass Christmas tree makes it all interesting. Or, the metallic peach-finished glass Christmas tree that lights up all dull corners with ferry lights placed inside.


5. Let There Be No Dark Corners: Light-Scented Candles Everywhere 

Image Source: retro7wonder4reverie.tumblr.com

Festivals are a time for merry-making and fun. Make it all even warmer with petite candles everywhere. In fact, your x-mas decoration is incomplete without the traditional holiday scents like cinnamon, pine, or orange. You can mull red wine on the stove with a hint of spice. Cloves, rosemary, and thymes scented candles bring the holiday essence to your small space amazingly. To deviate from traditions, you can choose scented soy candles with contrasting fragrances. To give it a luxurious touch, shop for glass lanterns and let the illumination fill the hearts of your family and friends with new  hopes and positivity.

6. Joyous Centerpiece Ideas  

Image Source : Pinterest

Use an eclectic collection of small and niche décor items on a tray as an attractive centrepiece arrangement. Use seasonal accents with polished finesse. Hand-painted vases, snowhite blocks, white marble trinket trays, rustic table accents, boho photo frames, quartz stones, and more. Use handpicked iconic items, shopped from exclusive home décor stores for added aesthetics. Handmade items from rural artisans can also act as the perfect bedecking accompaniments. Examples include a beautifully crafted gourd-shaped glass pumpkin typical of fall adorned with LED lights or candles. Or, gift-wrapped cones made from poster boards. White cake plates, top hand-painted candle stands, and more.


7. Use Wooden bowls for Tabletop Décor

Image Source: JOYEUX

Convert wooden bowls and plates to place seasonal décor items on the table. It can take off a lot of the clutter that typically gets strewn on the floor. You can also opt for a white marble bowl to reinforce the snowy white theme. Take the ornamented holiday look notches higher with one or two elite dessert stands to tastefully complete the tabletop décor. 


8. Blankets, Pillows & Rugs  

Image by pvproductions Freepik

The final touches of décor in your visually appealing space should be about adding the typical holiday colours – red, white, green, gold, and silver. The best way is to use pops of colours on the cushions, pillows, and blankets. White soft rugs on the floor are ideal for welcoming the holiday cheer. Use a tablecloth in checks of red and white, the traditional X-mas colours. 

9. Eaves at the Entry 

Image Source: twoinspireyou

Even without a yard or a garden in front, you can still use handmade green garlands to create a holiday-inspired doorway. Use fresh pine leaves and needles for DIYing your very own entryway eaves. Let the magic begin right at the entry! 


10. Dressing Up Your Furniture

Image Source: homesense

Aim to cover every nook and corner of your home with the festive vignette. Simple adornments like decorating your dining room chairs with small green wreaths, red ball garlands, white stockings, and a ribbon.

Winding it Up

Small or big, Christmas is not the time to measure areas and volumes. Let this be a special time spent with family and friends, of celebrations and joys, laughter and light. This is your personal space. There’s no right or wrong way about the festive decor. Do it your way, ingrained with ideas that represent you.
Make your space look dapper and chic with some creative burst of energy and the choicest décor items created especially for Christmas.