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How to Plan a Christmas party?

Christmas is that time of the year when you can catch up with friends and family, especially the ones that you do not get to meet regularly during the entire year. And what can be a better way to do this than to have your dear ones come over for a Christmas party hosted by you? 

Planning to organize the party of the year but don’t know where to start? No worries. We have covered some basics for hosting the ultimate festive party this holiday season.  Read on.

Tips to Plan a Christmas Party

To throw a successful party, it is imperative to start planning beforehand. The earlier you start, the more time you have to get into the nitty-gritty and organize a flawless event. Beginning the planning a month to about two weeks prior to the party date is fine as long as you are ready to work overtime to complete all the arrangements.

1.Draw Up the Guest List

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It’s best to start with the groundwork. You need to have an approximate head count, to begin with. That is why it is essential to work on your guest list first. The other common concern is that your guests might already be making their own plans. So, the objective should be that you send out the invite first to all to get maximum confirmations for the party.

2. Time to Pick the Theme

Christmas parties cannot be fun and lively without a theme. Once, you are done with the preliminary planning  - it is time to research and find an interesting theme. Why is a theme so crucial for the success of the event? Because the more your guests enjoy this year, the higher the chances of them coming back again the next time you host a party. Also, imagine the kind of popularity you would achieve in your circle about being the perfect host.

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There are innumerable choices in this case. This is a Christmas party. The objective is to increase excitement levels. You can choose from a traditional X-mas theme with your decor, and food laid out in the red and white ethos. Backed by Christmas carols and petite ornaments, a timeless aura can be well-created.

Or, you can keep it all white as a snowy theme or create a winter wonderland. Let candles, fragrances, and themed scents with silver decor make this a truly memorable Christmas party. Alternatively, you can think of Christmas characters as the theme. Let your guests dress up like the Snowman, Santa, The Grinch, etc., to pep up the event even more. The Christmas tree can also be the centerpiece of your party. Dress it up with embellished ornaments, and fairy lights, and let your guests go back with tree-top decoratives as gifts.

For a kids’ party, intertwine activities as an essential part of the party theme. Like scavenger hunts or crafts, etc.

3. Send Out the Invitations

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Stick to e-invitees to save paper and give the planet a bit of respite. Choose the card layout with due consideration to the theme. Don’t forget to mention the venue details clearly along with the date, and time. RSVP is also an essential part of the invitee.

4. Food & Beverages

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This is the time to budget for F&B at this juncture. Consider making choices between buffets, sit-downs, plated meals, appetizers, etc. Procure food locally making it a sustainable choice. Consider the pros and cons of hiring in-house caterers versus getting food from outside or preparing your own. 

While the food is laid out, using Christmas-themed plates can be a wonderful way to synchronize the vibes. The entire table decor can be spruced up by paying attention to a few details. 

5. Christmas entertainment

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The next thing to decide is how to keep your guests entertained at the party. You can hire an event manager to take care of this aspect or DIY. Some wonderful and engaging options are playing dumb charades, musical chairs or statues, a treasure hunt, pinning the reindeer’s tail, and more. Along with games make arrangements for karaoke, live bands, magicians, DJs, comedians, gingerbread decorations, etc. as choices for making the event an out-and-out success.

Finally, the Christmas party is all set to start. Be present at the venue before your guests so that you can greet them heartily and also make sure that all arrangements are in place. 

Follow all the tips mentioned here to make it a grand success - The Party of the Year!