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Madhuban - Wall print

Madhuban - Wall print

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  • Elegant & Versatile
  • Indian craftsmanship and heritage skills for Global designs
  • Perfect Gift
  • Made in India

"Madhuban" is a digital art piece printed on canvas that depicts a joyful and vibrant scene in a lush jungle. A herd of majestic elephants peacefully passes through the greenery, their movements serene and graceful.

In the midst of this natural beauty, a person is playing a traditional musical instrument, filling the air with melodious tunes. Their music adds a harmonious touch to the scene, as if the elephants are swaying to the rhythm.

Nearby, the person has set up a small stall, selling colorful handmade crafts and fresh fruits. This lively market stall, adorned with flowers and leaves, blends perfectly into the jungle setting, showcasing human creativity and enterprise.

The artwork radiates happiness and harmony, with bright colors and dynamic light creating an inviting atmosphere. It celebrates the simple joys of life, the beauty of nature, and the connection between humans and wildlife, capturing a moment of pure bliss and tranquility.

Size: 24" H, 18" W

Material: Canvas 

Colour/Finish: Mdf Frame + multi-color Image

Care: Clean using soft and dry cloth. Do not wash