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Kavita - Weathered Terracotta  Flower Pot

Kavita - Weathered Terracotta Flower Pot

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  • Each pot is Handpainted
  • Perfect Gift & Decor piece
  • Indian craftsmanship and heritage skills for Global designs
  • Handmade in India by Artisans
  • Eco friendly made in terracotta

"Clay is used to make vases, but it is the emptiness they contain that makes them useful." - Laozi

The Weathered Terracotta Vase, named Kavita, is a beautifully crafted piece of pottery. The terracotta material gives it a rustic and earthy feel, while the weathered finish adds a touch of vintage charm. The vase features a unique shape with intricate designs etched into the surface, adding to its character and uniqueness. The warm tones of the terracotta give it a comforting and inviting feel, making it a perfect addition to any home decor. Whether placed on a bookshelf or used as a centerpiece, the Kavita vase is sure to be a conversation starter.

Size: 10" L, 6" W, 10" H

Material: Terracotta

Color/ Finish:  Antique Green 

Care: Wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth.
          Do not use any abrasive household cleaners.

Usage: Use only flowers and avoid using water.

Disclaimer: Slight Variations may occur since it is handmade and hand-painted.