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candle holder

Burnt sienna Glass Candleholder

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  • Recyclable glass with floral design
  • Perfect Affordable Gift
  • Made in India

A classic piece that combines beauty with function. Brown is like nature's color, reminding you of strong tree trunks and comfy leather chairs. When it's on a glass candlestick, you get the elegance of glass with the reliability of brown. It fits right in on a rustic table or a modern one, making any setting look great. When you light a candle on it, you not only get a nice glow but also a feeling of calm and steadiness. The flame dances on the brown glass, creating a warm and relaxing atmosphere .It shows that simple things can be beautiful and that colors and materials can make your space feel inviting.

Size: 3.5" W, 2.5" H 

Material: Glass

Color/ Finish: Brown

Care: Clean regularly using soft and dry cloth.