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Moonlight Glow Quartz Stone

Moonlight Glow Quartz Stone

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  • Elegant & Versatile
  • Multi-functional
  • Indian craftsmanship and heritage skills for Global designs
  • Perfect Gift
  • Made in India

    This white quartz stone adorned with delicate golden details is the perfect embodiment of grace. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, white Quartz Stone  is known as the "Stone of Clarity," it brings clarity of mind, purity of intention, and a soothing energy to your space, fostering a sense of peace and balance in your everyday life. Use it as a paperweight to infuse your workspace with a touch of enchantment or as a decor accent, casting a golden glow and a sense of tranquility wherever it's placed.

    Price mentioned is for a single piece.

    Size: Between 1" to 3"

    Material: Quartz Stone

    Color/Finish: White and golden

    Care: Clean regularly using soft and dry cloth.

    Disclaimer: Slight variations may occur in size and color since the material is natural .