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Your one-stop shop for prized handcrafted items. Welcome to ArtStory!  

Handicrafts, one of the best ways to preserve local art and artistic talent is a core section at ArtStory. Our brand evolution has a lot to do with handcrafted and hand-made décor pieces for your home. Some of these highly curated items are fine additions to your offices, and commercial places too.

Home décor is an integral part of elevating the look and feel of our personal spaces. A wall painting, a vase, a centrepiece, candle stands, an elegant planter in the corner, photo frames, small artifacts toeing the line between modernism and vintage, and more. These are all examples of niche handicrafts that you can find at our store. 

Let Your Home Come Alive with Choicest Handicraft items  from ArtStory 

Enliven your space. Let it breathe with joy and smile with humor. Let their warmth, happiness, and cheer. It’s magical how a single element of home décor can transition the entire space.  

Be it spring, fall, festivities, or routine, our hand-crafted pieces are sure to bring in positive vibes along. Every piece stands out because it is a symbol of a skill that has been passed on from one generation to another. You will find here handmade, and hand-painted pieces entailing diligent efforts, and intricate detailing. 

Handicraft products at ArtStory feature décor pieces, tableware, items of daily furnishing, kitchenware, and more. These have been designed and made with finesse by gifted rural artisans from India, known for their specialized skills and tools to recreate magic every time. 

Every purchase that you make at ArtStory helps in inspiring and motivating a talented craftsman or craftswoman in the interiors or the countryside of this nation.  

Shopping for Handicrafts is a Profound Experience at ArtStory 

Featuring in this section are multi-faceted items that bring about a luxurious undertone to your space. Shop multifaceted handicrafts and decor pieces:

  • Paper-Mache Multifunctional hand-painted bowls 
  • Colorful hand-painted paper-Mache multifunctional trays 
  • Paper-Mache-made hand-painted multi-purpose vanity box 
  • Bamboo planters 
  • Wooden multi-utility bowls, trays, and boxes 
  • Marble & Metal trays for multi-purpose usage. 
  • Handmade hand-painted terracotta vases, and flower pots with caps 
  • Eloquent examples of handicrafts with our handmade hand-painted ceramic ring vases 
  • Multi-functional resin and MDF boxes, ideal for gift packaging 
  • Statement glass items for table décor & home accent including mouth-blown pumpkin with a metallic stem 
  • Wooden candle stands hand-painted by local artisans 
  • Heart-shaped board made with marble, wood, and brass 
  • Light handicrafts & décor items in different shapes and sizes ideal for festive decorations 


How to revamp the look of your interiors with ArtStory handicrafts? 

Simple. Bring home these lovable items, and place them on your center table, dining table, corner stands, bookcases, inside cabinets, in the corners, at the entryway, in your living room, bedroom, study, kids’ room, or kitchen.  

Light a candle or use string lights to brighten up the place with our exclusive home accent pieces like the glass Christmas tree, or the pumpkin-shaped table accents. Freshen up the air indoors with natural greens and bouquets of love placed in circular ring vases, terracotta pots, planters, and more.  

Keep this page on the top of your Favorites for we promise to keep adding more such beautiful artifacts gradually!