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Candyfloss Glass Pumpkin

Candyfloss Glass Pumpkin

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  • Versatile Decor
  • Glass Sculpture
  • Unique Art
  • Indian craftsmanship and heritage skills for Global designs
  • Perfect gift
  • Made in India

Skilled artisans make glass pumpkins by blowing air into molten glass. It's like magic! they're beautiful pieces of art. Making them is like a careful dance between heat and skill, and the result is delicate yet strong pumpkins.

Throughout history, people have loved using pumpkins to decorate:

  • Harvest Celebrations: Pumpkins are like the stars of the fall season. Native Americans used them to celebrate their harvest, making vibrant displays to show how well their crops did.
  • Thanksgiving Centerpieces: In the United States, folks have been using pumpkins as centerpieces for Thanksgiving. They have warm, earthy colors that make everyone feel thankful.

Glass pumpkins are like magic time machines, connecting the past with the present. They're not just decorations; they're a blend of art and tradition that makes any place feel special.

Size : 4" Dia, 4.5" H

Material : Glass

Color/Finish : Pink  

Care : Clean using soft and dry cloth. Do not wash.