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Fruit Bowl

Aged Earthy Terracotta Fruit Bowl

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  • Versatile Decor
  • Unique Art
  • Indian craftsmanship and heritage skills for Global designs
  • Perfect gift
  • Made in India

In a charming workshop tucked away in the serene countryside, skilled craftsmen poured their hearts into their work. Their hands, seasoned by years of practice, worked with care and precision, giving life to unique and beautifully weathered terracotta Bowls.

Each of these Bowls began as a simple slab of rich, earthy terracotta clay.Aged gracefully, these Bowls carried the marks of time, displaying a mottled green hue as if touched by the gentle hand of nature. It felt like these pots had witnessed seasons come and go, sharing secrets with every passing breeze. Despite being brand new, their weathered appearance gave them a sense of history, making them feel like treasured family heirlooms.

Size : 7.5" Dia, 6" H

Material : Terracotta

Color/Finish : Green

Care : Clean using soft and dry cloth. Do not wash.