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Elegant and earthly, baskets are and will always be one of a homemaker’s best friends. Because they help us create a clutter-free, visually attractive ecosystem inside our homes. Even in our gardens, offices, and where not!

Handmade baskets with woven strands of reed, grass, or wool can enhance the look of any place. The transition is immediate and impactful. And they serve multi-faceted purposes too!

Our decorative baskets are truly a blessing. Keep them in the living room, bedroom, your kitchen, study, or bathroom, there’s always something that can be popped inside them and corralled to create a shipshape living and working place. Be it for safely tucking away values, keeping your home organized, or gathering the laundry for the day, baskets come in all forms, shapes, and sizes.

If not, you can always use the versatile baskets as gorgeous-looking planters in your home, porch, or terrace. Or, better still come up with other brilliantly creative ideas for a well-groomed home or office.

Shop for some of the stylish-looking baskets at Art Story. We are committed to bringing to our patrons the best-in-class home décor items including transcendent baskets that suit all themes, modern or vintage, ornamented or minimalistic. Shop for premium decorative and laundry baskets made from exceptional quality materials.

Art Story Creations – Niche Baskets, Stylish Design, Craftsmanship, Made from Premium Materials

Buy remarkably made baskets with geometric and finely-laced patterns at Art Story. The simplistic undertones with metallic finishing have an unmistakable charisma. Blends coherently with any décor kind, in any room of your home. If you are enamored with natural elements, we have the best choices for your private space. Bamboo-made baskets, curated by rural artisans from India have an unmistakable down-to-Earth demeanor.

Perfect for storing or keeping items accessible. Best suited for bigger items like toys, magazines, cushions, etc. Use and reuse as a storage unit for everyday essentials in any room of your home. Use a few of these as storage baskets in your kitchen for keeping groceries or dry items. In the bathroom/laundry room or any wet area, the laundry baskets make life so much easier, without any stress about wear and tear. A couple of decorative baskets in your living room, study, or home office can be an impressive way to elevate the beauty of the space. The natural finish of these along with natural greens bring a lot of warmth and positivity to the inner décor of your rooms.

What’s the unicity of our baskets? The impeccable design, gleaming appearance, and robust make; each piece has been created with complete dedication by Indian craftsmen in the traditional way. They live up to the expectation of being multi-purpose.

We are in the process of adding more such graceful baskets and variations in this category. At Art Story, we believe in exclusivity rather than cluttering the space with too many average choices. It’s our promise that your shopping experiences at Art Story will be delightful and happy.

Be a part of our growing community of artistic décor admirers and you’ll never have all the reason to smile!