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Time to Create a Beautiful Season Special Tablescape

With summer and Easter just around the corner, there can’t be a better time to grace up your dining table! When you’re ready to serve your guests with some appetizing food then why to compromise on a gorgeously dressed up dining table.

We promise, this doesn’t have to cost you a bomb, we have all kinds of ideas from super fancy to easy DIYs.

So, we kick off with choosing a theme. Decide on what mood you would like to create, for example spring, bold and rich, farmhouse, vibrant and so on. Once the theme is chosen, try these suggestions and you're going to nail it.

  1. The ultimate stacking. How you place your dishes, matters a lot. Get matching dishes and plate chargers and then create your Tableware theme around it or vice versa. Neutral toned wooden chargers can be a good investment, they fit in many themes and moods. We start from the charger, then place the main plate followed by salad plate which can be further topped up by the table napkin and a single flower to enhance the beauty of those dishes. Do this and 50% of your job is done.

Easter tip: Stack up a bunny chocolate or a decorative easter egg on the top of these plates and fresh boxwood stems from the garden. Use this egg to write the guest’s name! Easter ready it is !

Pro Tip: If it's not Easter but just another celebration, the single flower on the top can be gently tucked with a name card to make your guests feel more warm and welcomed

  1. The most basic but the most important, fresh flowers ! A dining table arrangement without flowers is like watching a movie without popcorn and coke. Tulips can be a good option as they’re inexpensive, lasts a week and are easily available at most of the grocery stores/flower shops. Trim the stems to fit the flowers in your vase and voila, you’ve just added some liveliness to your table !

Image Source: Driven By Decor


Easter Tip: It's DIY and it's easy. Pluck some flowers with bright green leaves from your terrace garden and place them in egg shells and egg holder trays to create a charming easter centerpiece for your dining table. Another way is just to fill up your vase with eggs and add flowers to create the perfect holiday special floral arrangement.

Image Source: Freundes, Flowerona & Kuchen Kult  

Pro Tip: Be cautious with very tall floral arrangements or centrepieces as they can obstruct the view of your diners and make it difficult to have a good conversation.

3.Some fancy looking (just “looking”) candlesticks will be the perfect addition to your table setting! Candleholders are the perfect way to deck up any table in the home, so pick your favourite candle holders which can either be very vintage or something very minimalistic !


Easter Tip: The easiest Easter Table DIY! Coloured eggs with some twisted branches placed inside an inverted wine glass is your go to candle/tea light holder. Simple, pocket friendly and solves the purpose.

PRO TIP: No candle holders and vases in the house? We have a trick! Use plain transparent glass bottles/ mason jars, pour in some water, insert whatever leaves you can find in your surroundings and then let your candles be the cherry on the cake. Easy, right ? And elegant too!


  1. Vibrant patterned napkins, placemats and tablecloths are very impactful elements which lend dimension and contrast to your dining table. They help in creating a very stylish and chiqué decor vibe. You can choose from stripes, floral, festive motifs and anything that is in harmony with your theme. Napkins with lace can make for a pleasing enhancem.

Source: Saffron Marigold & The Home I Create


  1. Play with your Cutlery ! Rose Gold or gold plated cutlery will instantly build up a charismatic and luxé feel on your special dinner night. Instead of hiding them in a folded napkin, tie them with a textured ribbon and the perfect cutlery presentation is now accomplished.


Image Source: StyleMePretty


  1. There are some graceful techniques to decorate your dining napkins which include folding them in different dazzling ways and using napkin rings to add character to your complete table look. Since its spring, design your own mini bouquet napkin rings at home using fresh flowers and small pieces of rope or ribbon .

We’ve got you covered, check this video out to find your favourite fold.

Easter Tip: Try the bunny fold !

Image Source: Shades of Blue Interiors, Tutti Guardano le Nuvole

Just Saying, Golden brass finish napkin rings in different shapes are the best pick to fit in any theme you choose.


Image Source: Red Envelope.


  1. Add some colour to your table setting with eye catching fruits. If you’re considering this then lemons are a good option to start from. Nothing is more eye catching and refreshing than a jar full of lemons which by the way, can also act as a centrepiece. Feel free to replace the lemons with any other fruit to please your theme, there’s a lot to choose from like oranges, grapes, pomegranates and on and on.

Image Source: Juniper Farmhouse Journal


Source: The Sunday Fare


Before you go, do remember as good as these decoration ideas are but you don’t have to stick to all of them to create your ideal setting. Perfection is a mix of different styling techniques to suit your occasion ( holiday, birthdays or anniversaries), space (interiors of the room, kind of furniture, lighting etc) and guests ( casual, formal or informal).