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How To Decorate Every Room in The House for Christmas?

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The best part about the holiday season is that the entire family gets together to decorate the whole place. Ornamenting the house is fun but challenging at the same time. It can be pretty overwhelming ensuring that every part of the house needs a touch of the Xmas cheer.

Shopping for Christmas-themed décor items, reusing some from last year, buying gifts for guests, and then decorating the whole house can take several days but the exuberance in the air is difficult to suppress. Kids, elders, and even pets are filled with vivid excitement and that is what makes this festival even more endearing.
We will guide you and help you deck every room in the house for Christmas to get it all prepped up for the joyous season. Keep reading to fill each part of your home with festive joys and cheer.

Tips to Decorate Every Room in Your House for Christmas

The Living Room

We’ll start the decorations with one of the main rooms of the house. Most part of your joyful holiday is going to be spent by most of the family. More the hands, easier the work of decorating every room in the house for Christmas; but take care, too many cooks may spoil the broth.
The best way to go about the entire thing is to plan beforehand. Ensure that no nook or cranny of the living room space is left out. Let’s get started:
An evergreen tree in its natural flavor is an integral feature of the living room during the holiday season. Make use of fairy lights to do up the tree creatively. Let the festive warmth spread by using multiple types of accessories for a unique bejeweled look. Use statement-embellished beaded ornaments to weave a story. With metallic colorful baubles, the dazzle of the tree is unequaled.

Stockings for Candies & Santa’s Gifts: Be it the mantel, or the chimney, white soft stockings are a must to complete the festive décor. In case the mantel and the chimney are missing, tie some beautifully-crafted woolen socks from the tree, windows, or even a makeshift fireplace. Let the dazzle of hand-beaded toffees amp up the aesthetics of the place even more!
There is no better way to celebrate life than hanging evergreen wreaths on the door, and mini-size wreaths from the ceilings, and windows.

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Miniature décor pieces for tables: A center table, coffee table, corner table, side table, sofa table, or a console table – gear them up for the festivities with handpicked miniature items like the mouth-blown glass trees that illuminate the area when used with electric candles or fairy lights. Table-top decorative pieces, mouth-blown glass trees, and tea-light holders amplify the vibrancy of the space multiple times.

Convert the living room into an uber-luxurious zone with themed throw pillows and blankets on the sofa, and matching rugs on the floor.
Zhush up with candles: The twinkly sparkle of the flames instantly transports the whole living room into a mesmerizing zone. Never underestimate the potential of candles to leave your guests impressed and smiling. Christmas-scented candles fit flawlessly within the décor of your living room and act as the perfect soothsayers. There are plenty of choices to match the festive theme with lifelike hand-painted votives.

Leave no visible space empty in the liveliest and most happening place in your home. Use evergreen garlands to do up the cabinets, bookcases, doors, and mantel. Add red and green trinkets to the walls, ceilings, and entry.

Corridors & Stairs and the Front Porch

When you decorate every room in the house for Christmas, bring in the element of festivity to the staircase, corridors, lobby, and front porch too. Garlanding the front door with evergreen leaves and a natural-colored wreath on the door makes it so much more traditional.

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Tie a few ornaments in red and white to pop it up in colors. Decorative doormats on the porch beautify the overall look and feel of the house. A gingerbread theme is so apt.

For your staircase, twinkling fairy lights and green garlands throughout pep the entire place for the festivities. A few baubles and bells here and there give it the ultimate look. Garlands, stockings, tiny trinkets, fairy lights, lanterns, candles, nice-looking table décor pieces, etc., can be artfully used for jazzing up the hallway and the corridor.

Irrespective of whether you live in the snow land or not, the living room décor needs sprucing up with the traditional snowman. A snowman on the front porch initiates the charm seamlessly. Prepare cut-outs, stick soft white cotton on the cardboard and make the snowman stand by resting it against the wall. Or, reuse wood, draw a snowman, paint it white and your seasonal greeter is all ready to welcome guests at the front porch.


When ornamenting every room in the house for Christmas, the heart of the home, the kitchen, for sure needs to be pepped up for the festivities. In the backdrop, the scent of baked fresh cookies mingles sumptuously You can keep the kitchen décor subtle, upbeat, traditional, or modern. To keep it simple, just hang a string of fairy lights across the walls and windows of the place. Use the red plaids for a traditional touch. Lush green wreaths on the windows are inspirational.
A designated cocoa bar transforms your favorite space into a warm corner. Give it a touch of your personality with marshmallows, modern canisters, cookie jars, and Christmas cake stands. Create a statement centerpiece on the kitchen island with the help of miniature glass decorative pieces.

Give the kitchen ceiling lights and pendants a touch of class by decorating them with mistletoe-like evergreen bunches. If the living room space is limited, move the Christmas tree to the kitchen. In one corner, the tree adds a touch of extra festivity; after all, this is one place where everyone from the family gathers, and what can make it more ‘wow-some’ than festive star-studded ornamented foliage? Use fresh flowers, preferably poinsettia, amaryllis, red roses, or orchids for a fashionable edge.
Complete the décor with a Christmas signage – a simple message on an even simpler chalkboard.

Place Christmas candles on the kitchen island and top it up by hanging ornaments from the ceiling. You can stick with the traditional red-and-white theme or keep it all pure white. For shelf tops and countertops, you can use this rainbow-hued candle-cum-decorative for a different look.

Dining Room

Like every room in the house for Christmas, the dining room where the Christmas feast will be laid out and guests served delectable food, should be ornamented well too. Start with laying out surprise gifts for your guests on the table at their seats. Pack them creatively in gift boxes for that extra spark of excitement.

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Candlestands, lanterns, floral bouquets, table runners, Christmas houses as tealight holders, dessert stands, and themed plates with beautiful napkin rings, fairy lights, colorful paper streamers, and chains, all can be synced to create a fun-fiesta décor for the living room. To make it inspirational, go in for a themed color arrangement. For example, use the green-blue-silver eucalyptus leaves with evergreen foliage for a festive arrangement. Top up the look with sustainable tableware with organizer trays, wooden plates, bowls, flat and curry bowls, as well as marble cheeseboards.


To decorate every room in the house for Christmas, we cannot keep the bedroom out. It is crucial to extend the decorations to your very private space.
A green garland or a wreath for the bedroom that is already done up in the seasonal palette is a befitting idea. The garland can be tastefully extended to the headboard or over the bed stands. The side tables can be decked up in the holiday spirit with glass miniatures that light up with candles or fairy lights.
Hang the blingy red hats or soft white stocking miniatures from the bedstands to enhance the look of the space. A single red bow on the headboard brings along a visual appeal of a different kind.

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Similarly, the footboard can be decked up in signature pieces like Christmas table/tree top décor items. Bring in an ornamented Christmas tree inside and augment the look further. If it’s the kids’ bedroom, don’t forget to hang embellished toffees, candy cane trinkets, and red car ornaments to make it all fun and exciting for them.
Finally, remember the visual aesthetics should be matched with the scents. Shop for wintery fragrances online. Change the pillow covers and the bedspreads to embrace red tartan and faux fur.

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