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Basic Christmas Traditions we all can follow to gear up the festive cheer this season!

How to create those warm cozy Xmas vibes?

  1. The most basic but the most quintessential ! Get a tree, let your kids ( or your inner child) adorn it with the ornaments and voila ! You’ve just created a beautiful sight for your tired eyes and it pumps up the excitement every time you pass by it. Let the tree be a reminder to the self to end the year on a very merry note ! A few wrapped up gifts can be a sweet addition if you’re planning to exchange Xmas presents
  1. Get a white faux fur mat and set up a warm and cozy corner. If you’re doing the tree it is the ideal spot but even if you’re not you can still create your warm nest to unwind and reflect back on the year. Place the snow-effect mat, put on some string lights and all you need is a very cheerful cup for your hot chocolate topped up with baked marshmallows. We don’t mind mulled wine either.


  1. Throw in the cute throws and lots of cushions around. Put together the seasonal check patterns and woven knit textures. It is the simplest way to add a cozy touch to your space.



  1. Wreaths & Garlands

Without wreaths and garlands going up, the Christmas aura seems to be in-complete. Wreaths on entrance doors leave a great first impression and set up the holiday mood for all the guests coming in. For all the over doers, frame the bannisters and doorways with garlands and you will love the cheerful vibe you just created.   Flocked up garlands and white roses are an idealistic way to achieve the look of a very white Christmas.     


  1. Lighting. Use lanterns to establish a whimsical vibe around the home and it can be done in outdoor spaces too. Scatter them around, filled with metallic Christmas balls and lit with candles. Another innovative approach can be to fill these lanterns up with cotton, a small Christmas tree and glitter string lights to achieve a romantic snowy Xmas scene. A few candles here and there will add the perfect touch of festive feeling.


  1. The Centre pieces. Select your best wooden bowls or trays, glass jars or jugs and fill it with up all things screaming Christmas. Pinecones, bells, dried oranges and all the remaining ornaments from the tree decoration. You will have yourself a perfect Christmas table top centrepiece. Place as many of them you want to in all the different rooms so wherever you do, there is festive cheer making you smile.


  1. Get hold of some Figurines, Stockings, Red Carnations and string lights ( yes again because they’re very versatile ) and place it on any surface you like. With very minimal efforts you have just assembled a cute Christmas set up.



  1. This one is specially for all the kids in the house. Set up a ginger bread cookies and peppermint candies tray on your dining table and let it be there for the kids to enjoy throughout the month for every little achievement or just because it’s Christmas around the corner ! Candies, Kids & Christmas :)

Most of the things you will need are easily available on Amazon or at shops in your local markets. Get inspired, try doing something new this Christmas and feel the change. Because one thing if Covid has taught us that it is tres importante to maintain a lively and positive atmosphere in our homes while we celebrate everything we can . Try these simple Christmas decorations with your family members and create beautiful memories before the year ends. We would love to hear your decorating experiences !