Trinity kirei box Set of 3

Trinity kirei box Set of 3

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In Japanese culture a Kieri home implies - a clean home, one in which you're aware and conscious of your things, and able to keep track of them effectively- it is one of the simplest ways to avoid that feeling of being hassled or confused.
Get this set of decorative Zen boxes and combat the clutter at your home. Store your important documents, jewels, souvenirs or pack the boxes with chocolates and gift it to a loved one

  • Set of 3

  • Multi-functional

  • Ideal Gift

  • Made in India

Size: Large- 8" L, 6" W, 3.5" H
        Medium- 7" L, 5" W, 3" H
        Small- 6" L, 4" W, 2.5" H

Material: Resin & MDF

Colour/ Finsh: Black

Care: Clean using soft and dry cloth. Do not wash.