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Tea Side Stories 1 - Painting
Tea Side Stories 1 - Painting
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Tea Side Stories 1 - Painting

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About the Artwork:

Inspired by themes of migration, movement, and solitude, my Tea Side Stories series originated from an art camp in Turkey. The evenings spent bonding over Turkish Tea served in double teapots left a lasting impression on me. This experience led to the evolution of artworks and poems that embody warmth, bonding, and beautiful memories. Teapots symbolize living spaces and the interconnectedness of homes and cities. The series incorporates various elements to weave a story, inviting viewers to connect with their own experiences and immerse themselves in the artwork.

: 10 x 11 inches

Materials Used:  Mixed medium on paper

  • The artwork can ne framed on request.
  • All artworks are personally signed by the artist, guaranteeing their authenticity.
  • Original artwork on canvas, drawing inspiration from abstract expressionism and personal experiences.

About the Artist :

Sangeeta Singh, born in 1968, is an award-winning artist from Gurgaon, India. Trained under eminent artist Rameshwar Broota, she has exhibited extensively at national and international levels with over 11 solo shows and 70 group participations. Sangeeta's art explores themes of migration, movement, and solitude, often using teapots and teacups as metaphors for living spaces and the warmth of human connection. Her mixed media works incorporate diverse materials, including tea stains and dried tea leaves, adding a unique touch to her creations. Sangeeta's dedication to her craft is evident in her ongoing experimentation and innovation, and she shares her knowledge and skills by teaching art to young learners.

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  • To preserve the artwork's quality, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight or prolonged exposure to heat sources.
  • Refrain from using water or any cleaning products on the item.
  • Clean the surface by gently dusting with a clean, dry, soft cloth.


Originality: Each painting is an original creation by Sangeeta Singh  and is not a direct copy or reproduction of someone else's work.