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Lighthouse - Painting
Lighthouse - Painting
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Lighthouse - Painting

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Lighthouse is an abstract artwork that pays homage to the guiding beacon of a lighthouse. The big square canvas is divided into two distinct halves: the vibrant red signifies the passionate light emanating from the structure, while the deep brown or black represents the mysterious depths of the surrounding sea. At the heart of the composition, where the red and brown intersect, a golden triangle symbolizes the lighthouse itself, emitting a radiant glow to lead the way. Patches of golden hues scattered throughout the painting evoke the scattered glimmers of hope and guidance provided by the lighthouse in the darkness. The artwork captures the essence of the lighthouse as a steadfast symbol of safety, illumination, and strength amid the vast expanse of the sea.

: 36 x 36 inches

Materials Used: Acrylic on Canvas

  • The artwork can ne framed on request.
  • All artworks are personally signed by the artist, guaranteeing their authenticity.
  • Original artwork on canvas, drawing inspiration from abstract expressionism and personal experiences.

About the Artist :

Palak Modi, an aspiring artist from Gurgaon, Haryana, held a solo art exhibition titled "Definitely, Maybe" at Galerie Romain Rolland in 2019. Her artworks showcase eclectic painting styles in different mediums with a contemporary-abstract theme. She aims to reflect the rudimental forms of nature and provoke speculation and exploration in viewers. Palak's art combines Minimalism and Social Constructivism, offering endless possibilities in contemporary art. She has participated in various exhibitions nationwide and has been featured in art publications such as Artsy, Artorful, and SHIM Art Network. Palak operates from her studio in Ghitorni, Delhi, pouring out her fantastical ideas with a diverse palette of materials.

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  • To preserve the artwork's quality, it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight or prolonged exposure to heat sources.
  • Refrain from using water or any cleaning products on the item.
  • Clean the surface by gently dusting with a clean, dry, soft cloth.


Originality: Each painting is an original creation by Palak Modi and is not a direct copy or reproduction of someone else's work.