Zakka Bud Vases in Pistachio

Zakka Bud Vases in Pistachio

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  • Set of 2
  • Perfect shape
  • Made in India
Zakka is a concept and design phenomenon about findng joy and satisfaction in a seemingly commonplace- to find contentment and gratittue in everyday life and things. Objects that are Zakka in style are exceptional in their ordnariness- humble, mundane, everyday- yet they evoke a sense of nostalgia. They are high quality, inexpesive and definitely not flashy. They illicit feelings of calm and are not neccessarily on trend. The patterns and colours of our Zakka Bud Vases create the perfect balance of ordinary and beauty building an aura of calm and appreciation.

Size:  Small- 2" Dia, 6.2" H

         Large- 3.1" Dia, 12.2" H

Material: Resin

Color/ Finish:  Green

Care: Use gentle cleaners and a warm damp rag for regular cleaning