MyLady Sanya was born to a business-driven family of Kharbanda’s and was apprenticed in various business projects from a very early age. On her voyage to London she further honed her business skills and specialised in designing innovative business from none other than University of the Arts London (a.k.a Hogwarts of fashion and lifestyle). Sanya is a self-made business entrepreneur, focused on creating a beneficial engagement for every stakeholder of ArtStory. With her skills, experience, and unique sense of fashion, she is all set to embark the journey in spreading the story of ArtStory worldwide.

Art is fluid and ever changing. It cannot be contained inside the political and physical boundaries. It has a way of revealing itself when you least expect, and when you finally see or feel it, you are spellbound. As intangible as it sounds, art does have its origin. For us to see art, there is a person who creates it. ArtStory as an enterprise acts as a mediator. Each of our product has a story to be told, and they are here to narrate it. We hereby drop the curtains and introduce you our storyteller.

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