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Collection: VASES & PLANTERS

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Indoor plants keep us close to nature. No doubt, these petite green beings are finding a place in almost all homes and workplaces today. Not just enhancing the aesthetics of the space! Floral beauties and natural plants bring with them innumerable benefits. Spreading positivity, cheer, and hope. The ambience created by these lively beings keeps you mentally and physically fit and healthy.  

This is ArtStory. The best place online to shop is from an exotic collection of luxurious and premium vases and planters. These are priceless and timeless creations - a result of our closeness to nature, love for sustainable products, and a deep understanding of the lifeblood behind inspirational interior décor.  

Assorted Vases & Planters at ArtStory 

This is a place where the entire story revolves around art and aesthetic beauty.  

Here, the essence is not about mass-produced items but pieces that truly stand out, and capture your attention at the first instance itself. Every item, including our finely-created vases & planters, is handpicked and designed with meticulous perfection. 

Therefore, you will not find here countless options. At ArtStory, we have an exquisite collection of vases & planters that are the epitome of grace and creativity. Most of these pieces have been handmade, hand-painted, and sculpted using traditional methods by skilled artisans from rural India.  

Vases & planters that you can order from ArtStory 

Pick from our electic range of vases: ceramic and bamboo. Our ring vases are handcrafted and hand-painted in the choicest designs & themes in yellows and blues: 

We have the lids-with-jar flower vases in themes like: 

Our bamboo planters, ‘A Basket From the Garden’ and ‘Planter Perfect’ are things of flawless beauty in your home, patio, balcony, terrace, offices, and meeting rooms.  

Also, check out our tropical work of artistry: 

  • Our Terracotta pot collection includes the Aged White Terracotta pot, and the Rustic Black Terracotta pot. 
  • Metallic choices Magnolia Table-top Planter, rose-gold finished La Metallique planter with or without stand. 

Use our choices of vases & planters to fill your homes with joy and warmth 

Natural floral bouquets, flower cutouts, artificial flowers, leaves, houseplants, succulents, cacti, climbers, creepers, bonsai, hangings, herbs, and miniature shrubs – all of these can accommodate with ease and tenderness.  

  • Upkeep of plants helps nurture natural beauty in your home and office. It is a great way for the mind to relax and re-energize. 
  • Caring for plants is a rewarding feeling, filling you with a sense of fulfilment. 
  • Indoor plants, especially of certain species, are known to purify the air inside. 
  • Tastefully-created vases and planters along with the plants can improve the décor of your place phenomenally. 

Create a calming and soothing atmosphere indoors with houseplants and blossoms. Shop for exceptionally premium and good-looking vases & planters from ArtStory.  

Every vase and each planter at our store has an extraordinary story of evolvement, ingrained with artistic passion, skill, and concerted efforts.