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How To Decorate Your Office This Holiday Season?

The holiday season has started, bringing in good and positive vibes. Let’s face it – all of us wait for this time of year with bated breath! There's so much happening – at home, on the streets, in marketplaces, and even online.
Amidst all this, why forget your office and keep it isolated from the festive cheer?
The workplace, for many of us, is a place where we spend most of our day, sometimes, our evenings, and nights too. Such an integral part of our lives needs as much attention as our living spaces when it comes to festive décor.
One amazing plus point of decorating the office is that it enlivens the atmosphere, lightens up the mood of employees, and infuses an element of merriness in the workplace.
We’ll share with you here some interesting ways to do up the office and get it all set for the holiday season.


Ways to Spruce Up Your Office for the Holiday Season

Entrance & Lobby Décor

Make a Huge Snowman: The best thing about this activity is that many of you get to work together which makes the holiday mood even more joyous. A cardboard cutout is the best option to make the snowman. Depending on the size you want, involve your team members. Cotton has to be glued all over and use glance papers, beads, etc., to make the eyes and nose. At the entrance door, or in the lobby, the snowman surely would act as the harbinger of the festive season.
Hang Christmas Wreaths on Doors & Windows: Christmas wreaths are so very traditional. Some of the team members can DIY the wreath using live green leaves, red ribbons, bells, and craft supplies. Looks awesome.

Image source : Berlin Hotel&Suites

Curtains/Blinds/Window Décor

Hang Red Stockings: Time for the red curtains to be out if the office has a stock of them. Otherwise, you can still do up the blinds and the window with red-colored fancy warm socks pinned or hung from the frame of the blind. This is a lovely crimson décor item to brighten up the office. Don’t forget to add twinkling lights to top the ornamentation.
Candy canes hangings: Use different types of X-Mas ornaments to create a symphony on the window frame of your office. Candy canes , natural pine leaves, mini-wreaths, baubles, Christmas trees, and many mores.

Image source : Pexels

Table Décor

Tabletop Christmas Tree: Decorate it with miniature trinkets, baubles, and other ornaments. Light it up with fairy lights and string lights.
Christmas Stockings: The traditional X-mas décor of hanging white stockings on the mantle can be replicated in the office too. Replace your pen holders with the stockings.
Scented Candles : Don’t forget the scents because Christmas is not just about the visual cheer but also about fragrances. Traditional fragrances are so very important to get that festive feel in the air. Plus, some of the fragrances work as soothing elements. They just take away all the stress and hassle for a while. Shop for exotic fragrances online – there are a plethora of choices for one and all. Remember to pack a few for your near and dear ones to gift them during Christmas dinner or on New Year’s.

Recreate a Christmas Village scene: Order some immaculate pieces of Christmas house online. There are options available to use these beautiful tiny houses as votives – light some tea lights and place them inside. Spread cotton all around for the snow-like feel. Get some bottle brush trees for a real-life ambiance. Use miniature Christmas-themed artifacts like reindeers, glass trees that double up as candles , Santa Claus, his sleigh, etc., across the Christmas village. Read about Modern Christmas table setting ideas (link to the blog on this topic here) for a dapper-looking dinner table this Christmas.
Reuse Empty Wine Bottles: This is the perfect time to reuse the empty bottles stacked away in some corner of your home. One beautiful way is to add fairy lights to the bottles and keep them on the table. Use Christmas ornaments to deck up the bottles.
Use your fancy bowls, plates, and trays: Food as décor is another wonderful way of doing up the office table for the holidays. Your plates, bowls, and trays can be put to use. Prepare the typical snacks and place them on your table for everyone to have a bite and be a part of the festivities.


Christmas caps for the chair: Let’s keep things simple. Adorn the red Christmas cap (buy a bigger size) on the top of your chair. If you have a bit more time on hand, tie beaded Christmas hanging décor items on the back of the chair and along the edges.

Image source : Skeppo

Cubicle Decor

Green Plants: One great way of stimulating any place, be it your home or workplace, is to add greenery to the space. Even scientists believe that natural plants help in increasing productivity by almost 15%. What can be a better way than this to make your workspace dynamic and charge it up? Since this is Christmas time, order some lovely mini-potted poinsettias or pines and place them in your corner. Get beautiful metallic or ceramic planters for a bohemian look. You can also get floral arrangements consisting of pine, holly, and some white flowers and put them in a beautifully crafted vase. Try potted succulents and houseplants if you are not too regular with watering the plant or taking care of it.

Image source : Latestly

Convert your workspace into a gingerbread: All you need for this office décor is cardboard, some colored packaging papers, and cotton to create a theme of gingerbread for your office cubicle. Just add some Christmas ornaments, fairy lights, and pumpkin spice candles (add the link for the pumpkin candle) for completing the look. Another theme could be converting your cubicle into a snowy evening. How? Use cotton to line the entire boundary of the cubicle. Paste grey-colored paper on the cubicle dividers or walls. Stick white paper snowflakes on the cubicle walls. Use pine or fir leaves to make a Christmas tree on the outer wall and deck it up with white ornaments. Cover up the top portion of your side of the cubicle and paste cotton all over to create a snow-covered roof for your workspace. Put on your creative hats to innovate more themes and recreate the festive mood.

Wall Décor

Ornamenting the Wall: The office walls are the perfect place to team up with the table décor. Remember to synchronize the theme for visual balance. Ornaments like candy canes, boots, Christmas trees, candies, metallic trinkets, popcorn, , etc., will make the office walls come alive during the festive season. These are all beautiful hangings available online; some are handcrafted by local artisans. So, you do a good deed too when you buy and hang their creations in your office space.

Christmas Wreath on the walls: Fill up the bare space on the walls with mini-X-mas wreaths. Make it even more attractive by hanging them on the handles of wall cupboards, cabinets in the pantry, and other places.

Ceiling Décor

Festive Hangings: The ceiling is a large canvas mostly kept bare because there’s nothing much to do up there. But during the festivities, this is one place that needs to be decked up because it can make so much of a difference to the look of the space. For the Holiday Season, use ribbons, metallic silver foils, and golden baubles for the feel. Else try hanging some candy canes, in whites and reds, intertwined by crimson trinkets or colorful metallic balls. You’ll find that the mood in the office is uplifted almost instantly.

Image source : koch.com


Before wrapping up, let’s not forget one more aspect of Christmas that can elevate the mood in the office. Christmas carols! Play them on the piped music system, if your office has one. If not, you can play the carols at your desk.

Adorning every nook and corner of your office for the holiday season is such an inspiring way to transform the atmosphere of the place. But while you are busy decking it up all, let’s take care that we do not spoil nature, and take the holiday spirit to the next level by celebrating the festival together.